ALDO CIVICO is an unwavering possibilist. He is a visionary and innovative thinker, an experienced executive coach, and a global expert on leadership.

A top executive coach

With a proven track record, he has been recognized as a top global expert and trainer on leadership for two consecutive years (2022, 2023), establishing himself as a respected authority in the field. The former executive coach to Steve Jobs, John Mattone, describes Aldo as “one of the very best coaches I have worked with worldwide.”

With over 25 years of experience, Aldo Civico has worked worldwide, imparting knowledge and guidance to C-Suite Executives of Fortune 500 corporations, members of Family Offices, global leaders, athletes, and celebrities.

Aldo’s reputation rests on his ability to guide his clients towards consistently superior performance by transforming the structural foundation of their minds.

His extensive experience includes collaboration with leaders from numerous countries, including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, several Latin American countries, and Hong Kong. Abigail Disney has referred to Aldo as a leader whisperer.’

An Expert on Conflict Resolution

As a faculty member at Columbia University, Ado Civico teaches advanced negotiation and conflict resolution courses. This academic background, combined with his real-world experience, allows him to offer a unique perspective to his clients. As a matter of fact, Aldo’s journey to becoming a top leadership expert has been anything but ordinary. 

He started his career in the 1990s as a senior advisor to the anti-mafia mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. In Colombia, he has facilitated ceasefire negotiations with a significant guerrilla organization. He has participated in mediation and peacebuilding efforts worldwide, including the European Balkans and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Aldo Civico served as a director of the Center for International Conflict Resolution for numerous years. This experience allowed him to develop a profound understanding of leadership, resilience, and the power of change.

Senator George Mitchell, international mediator and former chairman of Walt Disney, considers Aldo, “one of the most innovative thinkers in the field of conflict resolution and leadership development.”

Working with Global Leaders

Beyond the university campus, he has been an executive coach for C-Suite executives and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. He has also had the opportunity to advise global leaders, including former president Bill Clinton and former president of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Additionally, he has worked with well-known figures such as business leader Carlos Slim and celebrities like Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker and Grammy Award recipient Juanes.

Academic and Author

With a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Columbia University and a “laurea” in political science from the University of Bologna in Italy, he brings a multidisciplinary approach to his coaching practice. He has shared his insights and knowledge through lectures at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton, London School of Economics, and Oxford University.

As a blogger for Psychology Today and a sought-after interviewee for major media outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, Aldo is dedicated to sharing his expertise with a broader audience.

He serves as a Board of Directors member at John Mattone Global Inc. and the Tech Innovation Group, a technology and innovation holding company pioneering solutions in biotechnology. This role allows him to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive change in the industry.

Aldo Civico’s Mission

As an executive coach, Aldo aims to help his clients bridge the leadership gap and create a transformative future. He is passionate about guiding individuals and organizations through significant personal and professional transformations, helping them make quality decisions, and embracing change and innovation.

Aldo splits his time between Miami and other parts of the world, and his coaching services are available globally.

Whether you are an executive looking to enhance your leadership skills or an organization seeking meaningful change, he is here to support you on your journey to success and fulfillment.